I. Am. Enough.

Breaking boundaries and changing perceptions one curl at a time...


Why the billboard campaign?

It is extremely rare to see afro textured hair in advertising of any kind, least of all on billboards. Even on the rare occasion a black woman is featured in an advert she has to disguise or cover her natural hair with wigs and weaves that bear no resemblance to her hair texture.
There are too few positive role models sporting afro hair on a very public platform for young black girls and indeed women to see and feel inspired by. It is this lack of diversity in beauty that has given birth to the Project Embrace billboard campaign.
We want to show young black girls that their hair is beautiful. That they should never feel the need to give in to pressure about changing their hair or feel anxious about its texture. Join us to show the world how beautiful afro hair is...


Afrovisibility 2018

Watch this space for more details.

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