School girls Shouldn’t wear braid extensions

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Just like I will no longer wear shoes that ruin my feet, I will no longer wear hair styles without considering the impact no matter how great it looks. You could call it an age thing; as an adult I make informed choices and weight up the consequences.  But I’m aware that for many, especially school girls it works the other way round; beauty no matter the price is the norm.

So much so that when asked how angry I was that top-performing Mystic Valley Regional Charter School in Massachusetts (USA) was banning girls from wearing their hair in long braids (I’m the author of the recently published book: How to Grow Longer Hair whilst wearing Weaves, Wigs & Braids, Like I did.), my response wasn’t what was expected. Have a listen here:

Because of the discrimination suffered by black girls and women who want to wear their natural hair, the motive of schools and places of work have  rightly come under great scrutiny and is thus the main focus.

So for now, until the dust settles, I’ll continue whistling into the wind.

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