2019 Campaign – Rip up the Dress Code

Championing afro-textured hair in the workplace

Our 2019 campaign focuses on corporate Britain. We're campaigning for dress codes in institutions to be more inclusive of afro hair at all levels of business and education.

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Employers and educators have the opportunity to influence self-worth, self-care and identity.

Project Embrace has declared 2019 the year to ‘Rip up the Dress Code’ in corporate Britain. To celebrate the launch they introduce Black Glory, a three-minute film set to fire Black British women up to embrace their natural hair and challenge the world’s desire to keep kinks out of the workplace.

The film is written and directed by the multi award-winning founder of LAMBB, Naomi Grant, along with the Project Embrace team. Black Glory takes viewers on a journey. It takes inspiration from the thoughts and experiences of Black women when society questions our identity.

“I chose to do the film because I really aligned with Lekia’s mission for Project Embrace and it tied in hugely to the reason why I started my own production company LAMBB” said Naomi. 

 “I wanted to create a film that celebrated us in our natural state, whilst also documenting the turmoil that most black girls and women face in society surrounding their natural hair.

There is a lot of politics surrounding black hair, but simply put: black women should be able to feel comfortable anywhere wearing their hair in its natural state. The film was really a labour of love, and I hope that it encourages audiences to shamelessly celebrate themselves and their hair.”